May 2021

SS21 Fashion Post L5

by Caroline Murray

SS21 fashion POST L5: I wanted to produce work that was hopeful and alive while still invoking the isolation and melancholy we all innately feel because of our aloneness during L5. The grey back drop and strong contrast created through lighting helps us to wonder who she is and what she might become when she can go outside. The project is on staggered release: she does go outside and she does feel it’s freedom.

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by Kenneth Tobi Fadoju (Kennyken Studios)

“Mercy”-The concept and vision behind this visual is simple the artist “Eryn Allen Kane” sings ‘When I count all my blessings I can't even be sad any more’ and that's the journey we took with the movement and the visual. Life is hard there's hard moments and we will continue to see hard and painful times but it's important especially as movers and artists and especially those who capture it to share the joy that our artform brings us. This is a piece of pure expression. The emotion is pure, showing my most human self through dance. The idea of it being filmed in black and white was so that the focus would be the music, the emotion and that dance all which I feel embodied each other effortlessly. We live in a crazy world and in a crazy time and it's very difficult for a lot of us for a lot of different reasons, but I really do in my heart believe that even the littlest amount of love and light can go a long way, I am very blessed to have dance as my escape I am blessed to have the people that I have around me and when I sit back and count my own blessings, I can't be sad. The purpose of this video was to inspire and make the watcher feels and I hope it did that.

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