March 2021

The Heat Death of My Hometown

by Jimbo Jones



"The Heat Death of My Hometown" ( The Heat Death of My Hometown is the debut album from Dublin producer Jimbo Jones. Built from the frustration of skyrocketing rents, ever-stagnant wages, and the erosion of cultural spaces, this concept album guides the listener through a detailed narrative in a rapidly decaying Dublin City. Documenting gentrification and emigration in a once-vibrant city, Jimbo creates a tapestry of sonic textures and electronic beats that maps out the entropic process assailing his beloved hometown.

Through the use of field recordings ranging from pedestrians and protesters to public transport and pub talk, an immersive world is created that “captures an anxiety” (Nialler9 Podcast) imbuing modern day Dublin. This album features samples from local creators such as Kojaque, Emmet Kirwan, and Una Mullally, showing the pervasiveness of this feeling across the breadth of the city. The album’s diverse collection of wonky beats overlaid with spoken word segments mirror these ideas and capture a chaotic vision of the world within these city limits.

All proceeds will be donated to CATU (, a grass roots organisation aimed at supporting those hit hardest by the issues raised in this piece of work.

Instagram: @jamie_jones_dub

Urban Native

by Farouk Alao

Well versed in the areas of design, motion and photography, Farouk Alao, delivers a body of work, full of character, titled Urban Native. Urban Native was a celebration of both Farouk’s and Zeda the Architect’s, whom Farouk collaborated with, Nigerian heritage .

Farouk gives us a captivating definition of an Urban Native; “ An individual who thrives in a citified environment with steez by informing and curating the scene through understanding and utilising their birth and natured inheritance. “

“An Urban Native is a rare individual, someone who stands out by being themselves 100% they achieve this by incorporating elements of they're heritage with whatever their present reality is, in this case of the individuals in this project, their heritage is African and their present reality is Ireland specifically Dublin city.”

The combination of vibrant models against the muted tones Dublin’s streets, skilfully personifies this definition and gives the viewer total clarity as to what an Urban Native is, leaving no questions for the individual beholding this collection of images

The full project can be viewed on Farouk’s website -

Instagram: @farouk858


by Macy Stewart

Macy Stewart is a fashion and portrait photographer based in Belfast who beautifully captured moments for Entity.

Entity is described by Macy as a film celebrating the lifecycle of women’s bodies. Macy goes on to explain how;

“The film reflects on women’s thoughts and feelings through movement, with a sensitive and joyful look at the inescapable physical and emotional changes that time brings.”

Macy deems Entity, or Spéirbhean in Irish, as one of her “favourite things I have worked on so far in my career.” During her time on set, Macy not only photographed these women, but also made it a point to connect with the women in front of her lense as she was taking photos. Macy points out this interest showed in each woman allowed her to develop a rapport with the women beyond the name on the call sheet, in turn, putting the women at ease while being photographed.

With these conversations and this project, Macy shares how she came to see that “whether the person I was talking to was 8 or 80, that we all have things in common which I think is quite special.”

Head over to Macy’s social media to see more of her work:

Instagram: Macy Stewart


by Julieta Mariana Canelo

Argentinian photographer, Julieta Canelo, the talent behind the camera during a creative collaboration titled MISHI shares a variety of striking yet soft images from this shoot. Julieta highlights that this collaboration was between women in various fields across Irealand and Britain, such as design, modelling, directing, styling, videography and photography.

Julieta who previously resided in Ireland, gives us a closer look into the meaning of this body of work captured during her time here. In Julieta’s words ‘this represents not only fashion, it is about reclaiming YOU in your own terms’.


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Abi Griffin @abigriffindesigns

To keep up with Julieta and her work follow her at:

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by Olamide Ojegbenro

This shoot titled ‘Expression’ was beautifully executed by Olamide Ojebenro in Co. Kerry. Olamide tells us that the concept of the shoot was inspired by the expression of emotions. Olamide incorporates the colour blue for the background to support his concept. Olamide lets us that he chose the colour blue for his shoot as it is often associated with feelings of calm, trust, security and spirituality.

For Olamide, photography is a form of expression. He shares how he believes photos have the ability to capture moments that the mind may not be able to fully remember or hold on to.

“A picture captures a moment that you have taken interest into or that has a special meaning to you. Every picture has a meaning whether it is a snapshot or a photograph.”

Twitter: Fishinmoyo123

Manic Energy - Music Video

by Gemma Bovenizer and Rebecca Locke.

Manic Energy is a music video directed and shot by Rebecca Locke and Gemma Bovenizer. As the pair were unable to meet up in person to film the music video, they worked together to adjust to the current situation and used this barrier as an opportunity to produce a music video in an unconventional way/outside the standard way of producing a music video.

We see scenes of Rebecca “frantically struggling to make a house of cards, attempting to gain control over their situation” in this video, which is shown on an old tv screen .

It was the restrictions and the limitations lockdown brought, that led to Gemma coming up with the idea to streaming Rebecca’s scenario on an old tv. The Tv was surrounded by a shirne to Rebecca, the thought behind this addition being that “although they were not present in the room that their presence was felt”.

Gemma describes this project as chance to “showcase to creativity when your possibilities are limited”.