Peckish Logo Design

by James Sandquest

Peckish is a unique Search Engine to help Find your Food. Search for exactly what you want and what you need. Whether you're looking for a cheeseburger or looking for vegan or gluten free dishes near you, they have got you covered.

My brief was to create a Logo Identity that would stand alone well as an app icon. My response was that we all recognise and understand the Google Maps location pin. I created a bespoke vector drawn 'P' location marker icon for Peckish, that is instantly connected with looking for something, or searching for the right food and finding out what location will satisfy your hunger!

The custom green colour gives a fresh food vegan vibe, with connotations of green leaf salads or finding alternative foods for whatever your dietary needs. The sans serif typography is sharp, bold and reflects the energetic startup nature of the brand.

I was asked to create a Brand Guidelines. I made sure to keep it short and sweet, and this has been kept up on the pass over to their Web & Social Design team.

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by Hope

This project was wrote by me and was performed my me.

It was shot and edited by GNS prod and composed and produced by Mc Jordan and GNS.

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