January 2021

A Summer's Day

by Adam Walsh

Adam Walsh is a fashion stylist based in Bray.

Last summer, Adam worked on a project titled ‘A Summer's Day’ which turned out to be a defining moment in Adam’s career.

Adam describes this shoot, not only as ‘dreamy’ but also as “the exact moment I knew this was what I wanted to do”.
From this project you will find a gorgeous collection of photos, styled by Adam.

This shoot was in collaboration with Photographer Martha Mac Nulty, Makeup Artist Gail Miller, Models Emma Smullen and Andy Ascough from Morgan The Agency.

Instagram: @adamwalshstyle

Cherry Hues

by Tolu Ogunware

Tolu Ogunware is a Belfast based videographer and photographer.

This project, Cherry Hues, can be described as a daring and experimental project for Tolu.

With this shoot, Tolu’s main aim was to create something outside of the norm from his usual style as it “bares no similarity to my previous work”.

Working with Sophie - the makeup artist and Jools - the model, Tolu sought to produce a look “that could in no way be described as conventional”.

He paired this with a ‘BTS perspective’ giving a less polished, more “rough around the edges” feel, in contrast to that of a typical studio set up.

Instagram: @framed.by.tolu

Twitter: @framed_by_tolu