February 2021


by Mimmie Malaba

Mimmie Malaba is a Poet based in Dublin who has a wonderful ability to draw her listeners in with carefully crafted words.

Using the art form of poetry, Mimmie takes her audience on a journey, evoking feelings along the way by pairing the words with a powerful delivery.

Mimmie’s describes her piece Emotions as:

A concept of feelings, growing from nothing to something to the decisions we make.

A process of birth and death.

Realising that feelings separate themselves to certain pains and joys.

And how some hurt more than others.

Exploring uncertainties and certainties based on beliefs and truth.

Instagram: @m_immie

Elizabeth An'Marie Collection

by Bryony Coles

Art director and photographer Bryony Coles, recently initiated a dynamic collaboration with black owned business, Elizabeth An’Marie. In this shoot Bryony along with an all female team, take us back to the 70’s through an enthralling use of colour, red being the predominate hue, and nostalgic props dotted throughout the images.

Bryony shares how much she enjoys working with small business, so this coupled with the aesthetic of the brand prompted Bryony to reach out to Shelby, the owner or ‘Elizabeth An’Marie’.

With the support of the on set crew, using her experience and applying knowledge as an Art Director, Bryony was able to orchestrate every detail of the shoot as she envisioned.

Instagram: @bry_coles

The Righteous One' by Sun Mahshene - Music Video

by Ste Murray

Dublin's native Ste Murray, recently made his directorial debut for Sun Mahshene’s latest release ‘The Righteous One’.

Combining his experience of 10 years from photography and acting, Ste took on the challenge of directing the music video despite the hardships faced with what Ste describes as "a very low budget." In between lockdowns, Ste successfully and skilfully materialised his vision for the shoot. Throughout the video we see a storyline filled with emotion, creatively accompanied by the intriguing use of perspective, various textures and tones.

In the video you might spot some Hitchcock and Kubrick references, as well as recognising the lead actress Annie Ryan from the classic Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Instagram: @ste_murray

Website: www.ste.ie


by Zeda the Architect

SPOTLIGHT is a collaborative, creative and interactive project commissioned by Project Art Centre and supported by the Dublin City Council. The primary focus of the film being to highlight and bring recognition to incredibly talented artists of Black heritage here in Ireland. Spotlight brings Black Irish creatives and artists together in a way that has never been seen before, simultaneously supporting good causes close to home.

This film was directed by Zeda the Architect who also produced it along with Jafaris, Irish Black Owned (IBO), RES Concepts, Diffusion Lab, Bodytonic, Jam Park, No Trackies No Runners and Lost Studios, in support of MASI (Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland) and Feed Our Homeless.

Spotlight is presented by Fortune Lago and Katja Mia and features performances and discussions from Jafaris, Hare Squead, Tolü Makay, Jyellowl, Aby Coulibaly, Offica, UNQ, Adaeze, Felispeaks, WYHA Podcast, Loré Adewusi and Ayo Esther James.

The entire show was filmed and edited by Lost Studios.

If you have not already seen it, we recommend you take the time to witness some of the greatness of emerging Black Irish talent.

Instagram: @spotlight.eire

Talk Your Sh*t: A Conversation

by FindJordy

Despite the air of mystery around his whereabouts, Findjordy's work lets us know loud and clear that there’s no mystery when it comes to his talent and artistry. He is a Photo Designer, combining photography, video, graphics and directing to produce unique content.

FindJordy showcases this ability on his website and in his conversation series called ‘Talk your sh*t’ on YouTube. The series focuses on upcoming Irish creatives, capturing the viewers attention with both the content of the conversation, and by giving visuals in an unparalleled way.

Instagram: @findjordy

Website: www.findjordy.xyz

Interviewee: Farouk, Director: FindJordy


by Trophy Wife

Trophy Wife, also known as Ruby Smyth, a singer songwriter, multi instrumentalist and producer from Dublin.

Drawing from a myriad of genres such as jazz, pop and classic rock, Trophy Wife has recently debuted her first EP titled ‘Art’. Art is a project conceptualised by Trophy Wife while living in Barcelona, that was later brought to life here in Ireland.

Trophy Wife describes her EP as a merge of her “knowledge of Art, Literature and Music to create an aesthetically ambitious sonic expression in an articulate and outspoken way, that is simultaneously Pop and Alternative”

Find out more about Trophy Wife and her sound on:

Instagram: trophywife0

Trophy Wife

Trophy Wife


by Ciara Kirwan

Ciara Kirwan is a young multidisciplinary artist who, through the use of various art forms, such as video work, stylised artwork and abstract fine art, explores universal yet intricate topics. Ciara delves into these realms using what she describes as ‘dark and atmospheric’ imagery to further convey the mood.

For her final year project, Ciara intended to showcase her video installation titled ‘Head-ache’. However, as a result of the pandemic Ciara was unable to do so in the manner she wished and so adapted it to be showcased on ’Twitch’.

Head-ache focuses on the themes of sleep, time, distortion of reality and changes in perception

Ciara shares how her personal experience along with the collective experience of those in proximity to her, was the basis of her project. Ciara explains how there has been a distortion in their own known realities as a consequence of sleep being distorted, inspiring her to depict this said distortion in the form of a video installation

While Ciara describes herself as ‘a young artist still trying to find their place as a creative’, her unique style and perspective have in themselves been defining.

Instagram: @kiran_w0rks