April 2021

Once Upon a Time

by Piotr Bieniasz

Photographer Piotr Bieniasz from Galway, breaks down the meanings behind his style of photography. Piotr explains how his fascination “with tragedy, drama, tales & macabre” has influenced the way he chooses to create concepts and images.

The theme of this project, ‘Once Upon a Time’ is one which Piotr describes as ‘dark romance’. Piotr breaks down the concept, dark romance, as a fusion of “beautiful yet sometimes disturbing images”.

Taking us on a journey to explain his thought process when making photos, Piotr expresses the importance of drawing the viewer in and provoking them to ask questions “such as ‘why?’ And ‘how?’” by twisting reality in his work.

Once Upon a Time is a culmination of art forms such as film, at times music, books, tales and animation. The photographer uses this concept to not only capture emotive images but to also explore and develop his ideas and concepts.

Each photo in this project holds a sense of “misery, desolation, dark art and hidden beauty.”

For Piotr, Once Upon a Time conveys “a personal narrative that is achieved through exploring the relationship between the camera, photographer and the subject”.

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The Midst of a Storm

by Fortune Lago

'In the Midst of a Storm' is a body of work created by Fortune Lago, a Fashion and Expressionist photographer based between Dublin and London.

Fortune’s primary aim when creating is to evoke emotion in whoever takes in his art, doing so through the use of “emotive language and Perspective - “the main tools to interact with the observer”. The emotive nature of Fortune’s work, also for space to be made for societal issues to be addressed, art being the medium in which this is done.

The expressionist photographer, incorporates his ‘empathetic persona’ into his photography to bring about what he would “consider almost outlandish and therefore label it as Expressionism”

“The art I create is positioned to stir thoughts, in those (“the age of information”) of a world where there seems to be an ironic lack of critical thought, optimistic belief in self(the youth) and indoctrinated beliefs.”

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by Kestine

Kestine Ugbodu is a Cork based Rapper, who has just released his first EP titled Reflection, which was produced by Outsider YP.

The Intro track to Kestine’s debut EP Reflection makes his intentions clear; when asked for his purpose, Kestine responds in a perfectly matter of fact tone; “Sh*t, to be king.”

This prophecy comes with it’s own burdens: The Cork musician takes the listener on a journey of reflections, tackling the problematised reality of concepts such as community and identity, violence and survival, and the societal pressure of one day having to be a provider. Kestine bares all in this journey as he “reflects on where his priorities are laid” and tackles head-on “the constant feeling of [needing] to make them proud.”

Reflection reveals Kestine’s early roots as a choir member and his inspirations in icons Michael Jackson, Kendrick Lamar, and the early works of Kanye West, blending elements of soul and more contemporary styles of sound. With this backdrop, Kestine shows a mutual appreciation of the contemporary and the classic all while learning to embrace the moment.

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The People of Dublin

by Ashish Prasai

Ashish Prasai is a Filmmaker and Photographer based in Dublin. Ashishi describes his project 'The People of Dublin' as a 'behind the scenes of my creative process. Showing you what I am inspired by how my routine is like and what projects I have been working on.'

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by Olamide Shoyinka

Videographer, Dublin

A short piece about elderly loneliness that is part of a bigger short film project.

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Past Present Future

by Brian Giles

Brian Giles also known as Sonofafox, is an Irish Printmaker, Graphic Designer based in Dublin.

Through the process of screen printing, he loves to experiment with graphic abstract textures and strong colour combinations, often combining these two elements to produce bold and colourful artworks. His practice incorporates a range of processes such as silkscreen, large scale printing, paste-ups, collage, painting, risograph, and photography; all of which are re-contextualized through the print process..

Brian’s project is titled ‘Past, Present, Future’ and is available for sale on his website until the 1st of May. There is a 15% discount on each print and are now €30 each and free delivery across Ireland (international delivery may be subject to delays due to the pandemic) . Brian will be donating a 100% of all sales to ‘Feed Our Homeless’ as a way to support the non profit, voluntary organisation and their service to the homeless community in Dublin.

Website: https://www.sonofafox.com/

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by Oliver Gargan

Photographer Oliver Gargan from Ballieborough, Cavan has spent the last 7 to 8 years capturing scenes of life around him. Oliver shares about his keen interest in particular areas of photography, these being landscape, nature and abandoned buildings.

He often adds dimension to his photographs by including himself in the image using a self timer.

Oliver explains his reasoning saying the following;

“I think the human element just adds another layer of mystery and really adds a story to the photographs”

If you'd like to keep up with Oiver, head over to his Facebook

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Bare and Surrender

by Tessy Ehiguese

Tessy is a remarkable fine art, commercial and a beauty photographer located in Dublin.

Bare and Surrender is ‘collective series’ by Tessy and an exceptional culmination of fine art and graphic art by the photographer. Tessy explains her thinking behind her process in creating these pieces, and the reasoning for her use and combination of these two art forms -

“My approach is editing art nude is to interpret my moods and emotions to form an image. I don’t see it as nudity but as an expression of the dark, unchecked inner beauty of my mind.

Tessy further breaks down the concept for the viewer;

BARE: This image channels the idea of feeling incomplete. Frustrated. Separated from ones self. Asking what is identity and how it links to ones purpose? I created it during the first lockdown

SURRENDER: This image channels the idea that there are multiple dimensions working simultaneously...The more I give into the creative process the closer I transport myself to where I want to be. Each pair of hands represents the past present and future. The past is a reflection of the present and that reflects the future.

For more work from Tessy be sure to make your way over to her Instagram

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